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"I cannot count the times we've said, 'Wonder why they are not living out here - I'd never leave.'" Robin & Henry Champagne, TN

"I have traveled and rented lodging frequently. I don't believe I have been to a place so well thought out, equipped, and maintained before. Good Job!" Mark Wermer, TN

"What a beautiful haven! An ideal 'escape' from work." Carol James, AL

"Great place for brainstorming!" Bard Press, TX

"Didn't know what to expect. When we arrived, everything was breath taking. We had family from 5 to 82 and there was something here we could all do together." Edward & Debra Richter, IL

"Most wonderful weekend we've had in a long time. Going home rested and renewed" Nancy & Ron Simpkins, NC

"We always hate to leave." Dale & Lynn Conerly, TN

"Perfect place for relaxing." Bob & Georgia Craig, OH

"This place is a gem." Mark Chaffin, TN

"Beautiful setting for our family reunion." Roger Richter, FL

"I'm in limbo - completely relaxed - all stress gone." C. Ann Wilson, TN

Favorite Memories

"Watching my 2 sons actually get along." Robin Champage, TN

"Listening to the river while in bed." Ray Bard, TX

"Fishing in my underwear!" name withheld for obvious reasons, TN

"Playing horse shoes at the barn! Smores at the campfire." Liaisons Corp. Planning Group, TN

"Watching Terry finally relax." Belinda Kennedy, AL

"Happy children after a day running through the mountains." Dale & Lynn Conerly, TN

"Quiet moments on the path. Beautiful views from the ridge." Ron & Nancy Simplins, NC

"Sitting on a bench, listening to the ripples of the mountain stream." C. Ann Wilson, TN

"Sitting by the camp fire, talking, reading, and catching up." Georgina & Bob Craig, OH

Recommendations to Other Guests

"Stay for at least a week." Hazel Messer, NC

"Bring a fishing pole." Larry Manley, GA

"Spend plenty of time in the national forest. Sonny & Linda Coffman, FL

"Bring a good book. Find your own special place to contemplate." Anne Holt, TN

"Bring a fishing pole, canned corn, and a good book, and prepare to have a fun and relaxing time." Belinda & Terry Kennedy, AL

"Bring the whole family, there's plenty to do for everyone! Stay outside as much as possible." Scott & Amy Tonlayson, AL

"Don't tell anyone where you are." C. Larry & Carra Garner, TN

"Stay longer." Carol James, AL

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